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Shaping Shortboard
Shaping a short board


I have seen many shapes. Starting with aircraft and boats, the lines and what those do are all coming together in my surfboard shaping.

As a surfer for 45 years, I have paddled out many times on many different boards. I am still riding a 6’5” short board. I am a small custom board maker doing the whole board myself. I’m always learning from the shapes of master shapers like John Carper, Ricky Carroll, and Mike Whisnant. .

Some customers have helped me with their ideas of what they like. Mixing solid old guy techniques with diverse modern approaches is just fun! It makes for a better, more modern surfboard.

Stock boards are also available.

Custom boards custom artwork are just that--what the customer wants. There’s a story behind every custom shape. Hope to shape you one someday.